Some of frequently asked questions to help you!

Basically you need to place the extracted scenery into the /custom scenery folder of X-Plane. that's it.
More detailed explanations:
  1. Most scenery packages are compressed in a zip archive.  On Windows, you will need an unzip tool like WinZip. On the Mac, zip is built in to recent versions of Mac OS X, but if you have an older version then use Stuffit Expander.
  2. Extract the zip file. On Windows with WinZip, the easiest way to do this is to right-click the file and select 'WinZip -> Extract to here'.  On the Mac, just double-click the file. This should create a folder titled with the scenery package name containing a load of files and folders.
  3. Locate your X-Plane folder on your hard disk.  In Windows, this is likely to be C:Program FilesX-Plane or C:Program FilesX-System or similar.  On the Mac, it is likely to be X-Plane or X-System in your Applications folder.  Note that the X-Plane folder may have the version appended (e.g. X-Plane 10)
  4. Open the 'Custom Scenery' folder inside your X-Plane folder.
  5. Copy the unzipped folder created in step 2 into the Custom Scenery folder.
  6. Launch X-Plane
  7. Choose Location -> Select Global Airport, choose an airport in or near the new package and away you go!
Another  way is to download XAddonManager. It manages scenery packages, plugins and aircraft very easily.  To install a downloaded scenery package just run XAddonManager. On the 'Custom Scenery Packages' page, click 'Install...' and select the zip file you downloaded.
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